MI Electric Shaver S500

MI Electric Shaver S500

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Floating surface for a cleaner shave with a comfortable,
pressure-relieving design | Type-C charging | Three main advantages

A shave that is cleaner, faster, and more comfortable

  • 360° floating surface
  • IFT floating technology 
  • Washable shaver body
  • Twin blades
  • LED display
  • Type-C charging

Three 360° floating shaver-heads Fits your facial contours and leaves no stubble

When both ports are being used, the Mi Car Charger Pro
intelligently distributes power to each device, with the total
power reaching 15W max, conveniently meeting the charging
needs of both driver and passenger.

High-speed gear Even thick beards can be shaved clean

LED digital display Four main functions are shown for easy use

  • Power display

    The display shows the current remaining battery level as
    a percentage each time the shaver is powered on.

  • Charging reminder

    When the current remaining battery level drops below 5%,
    the display will flash as a reminder to recharge the shaver.

  • Travel lock. To avoid accidental operation

    When powered off, press and hold the power button to
    enable the travel lock and avoid accidental operation.

  • Hair removal reminder

    The clean/fault light will illuminate when excess hair has built up in the shaver,
    reminding you to clean out the hair in a timely manner.

With a waterproof body, the whole shaver can be rinsed directly under running water for easy cleaning. For a cleaner, smoother and more comfortable shave, we recommend the use of shaving foam to soften the beard before shaving.