XIAOMI Robot Vacuum Essential
XIAOMI Robot Vacuum Essential
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XIAOMI Robot Vacuum Essential

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16 main features Perfect solution for cleaning problems in small to medium sized homes

  • Very strong suction 2200 Pa
  • Digital water tank control
  • Smart Navigation System
  • Vacuum + Mop
  • Mi Smart LinkAI Mi Voice Control
  • Suspension suction hole
  • Suspension mop
  • 3-stage filtration
  • Remote control via app
  • Super thin body
  • 3 levels of water settings
  • 4 suction power options
  • Infrared anti-impact sensor
  • Continuing the cleaning in the part that was left
  • Real-time mapping view

The device offers a powerful suction of 2200 Pa*Efficiently cleans deep crevices

Suction is the key to cleaning. The Japanese Nidec motor provides 2200 Pa* of suction for fast floor dust removal and thorough crevice cleaning.

Equipped with 4 suction settings for different rooms and different types of dirt. Easily handles all kinds of dirt, from pea-sized objects to dust and hair.

  • Silent mode Cleaning dust and hair Quiet and stable cleaning

  • Standard mode Removes dirt such as paper scraps and melon seeds For regular cleaning.

  • Medium Power Mode Cleans pea-sized objects for reliable cleaning.

  • High Power Mode Cleans grain-sized objects for thorough cleaning.

The 200 ml electronically controlled water tank is equipped with 3 water level settings, to effectively control water flow, prevent seepage and protect your wood and tile floors from damage.Suspension suction opening, strong mop + main brushEffectively removes dust from all types of floors his unit uses a 3-layer filtration system to filter dust and dirt down to 3 microns* and prevent secondary contamination.

  • Layer 1: Nylon filter Effectively filters out large particle

  • Level 2: Filter cotton Re-filters dust to increase the life of your HEPA filter

  • Level 3: HEPA Filtering Effectively filters impurities up to 3 microns

Intelligent Inertial Navigation System Step by step cleaning

Connect to Mi Home Remote control App, for easy and smooth cleaning

Easily clean your home, even while you're away. Just open the Mi Home app and start cleaning remotely with the touch of a button. Switch modes and view cleaning status in real time — complete control from anywhere.

Combined cleaning configuration Keeps floors clean