Deerma Handheld Vacuum Cleaner VC01

Deerma Handheld Vacuum Cleaner VC01

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Meet the Deerma VC01 wireless vacuum cleaner - this powerful and ergonomic device will allow you to quickly and pleasantly clean your home. Many possibilities of application, universal design and comfort - these three features of the vacuum cleaner will make cleaning a real pleasure.

The vacuum cleaner you need

Deerma VC01 will adapt to your needs. It can be used both as a traditional vertical floor cleaner and as a small handheld vacuum cleaner to clean furniture or upholstery. The modular design of the Deerma VC01 makes it quick and easy to change specific combinations - so you can clean the whole house in just a few moments.

 Enjoy mobility   

The Deerma VC01 vacuum cleaner weighs only 1.6 kg. Its conductivity and light weight will enable you to clean as thoroughly as never before. You can easily lift it up to collect dust and cobwebs from the ceilings. You can also move the vacuum cleaner freely from place to place. Tangled, obstructive cable will no longer restrict you - you can easily vacuum rooms, kitchen, bathroom, and even garage and car!

Universal floor brush

The floor brush will vacuum the parquet, carpet or tiles in a few moments - even the most stubborn particles of dirt will not escape from it. Due to its small thickness of only 4 cm, you can easily put it under the bed or other furniture and get rid of the dust that settles there - say goodbye to the not thoroughly cleaned floors - Deerma VC01 will make sure they shine every inch.

The battery has a standard operating time of as much as 30 minutes in a charged mode. This is enough to clean the apartment. In high performance mode, the battery provides 15 minutes of extremely intensive work - with this solution, you will quickly get rid of the most stubborn pollen and trash. The Deerma VC01 is a device that you can easily adapt to your needs - even the most difficult dirt cannot resist its powerful power. You can easily recharge the battery with a universal USB cable type C.